At The Vintage Bar, we are constantly striving for excellence. We are always finding ways to provide the best quality designer bags. From the fashion forward ladies to the uptown girls, we are sure to provide beautiful vintage bags for your personal style. Do you love luxury bags? We have them. What's worth mentioning, is our brand experts authenticate all of the bags we sell. There is never a question if the designer bags you purchase from us are authentic. We are not just some website that offers secondhand bags. We provide the best and use a rigorous process to make sure each bag is verified as the real thing. You can get used designer bags anywhere, but when you come to The Vintage Bar, you know you're getting the best quality luxury bags.

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  1. Balenciaga
    Pink Lambskin Giant 12 Part Time
  2. Hugo Boss
    Cartable Hugo Boss
  3. Balenciaga
    Green Lambskin Giant 12 City
  4. Louis Vuitton
    Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Epi Leather
  5. Goyard
    Valise Goyard
  6. Goyard
    Valise Goyard
  7. Bottega Veneta
    Sac vintage bottega veneta
  8. Bottega Veneta
    Sac vintage bottega veneta
  9. Balenciaga
    Black Lambskin Giant 12 Town
  10. Longchamp
    Sac Longchamp
  11. Longchamp
    Sac Longchamp
  12. Balenciaga
    Black Calfskin City
  13. Longchamp
    Sac Longchamp
  14. Cartier
    Sac Cartier
  15. Bottega Veneta
    Pink Medium Veneta
  16. 1
    Sac à dos gucci
  17. Bottega Veneta
    Metallic Large Veneta
  18. Bottega Veneta
    Red Large Veneta
  19. Bottega Veneta
    Beige Pouch
  20. Prada
    Nylon Chain Bag Brown
  21. Givenchy
    Givenchy Antigona Lock Mini bag in quilted leather
  22. Bottega Veneta
    Product AA
  23. On sale
    Brown Travel Line Handbag
  24. 1
    Louis Vuitton
    Pochette Voyage MM
  25. 3
    Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Noe
  26. Paule Ka
    Sac À Main Paule Ka
  27. Bottega Veneta
    Yellow Medium Veneta
  28. Bottega Veneta
    Brown Large Veneta
  29. 1
    Bottega Veneta
    Brown Intrecciato Shoulder Bag
  30. Bottega Veneta
    Brown Large Veneta
  31. Bottega Veneta
    Pink Large Veneta
  32. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent Large Muse in Bronze Calf Leather
  33. Gucci
    Gucci Vintage Tassel Camera Bag in Brown/Black Calf Leather
  34. Celine
    Celine Zip Around Rectangle Bag in Brown Calf Leather
  35. 1
    Gucci Vintage Pink Suede and Leather Bamboo Drawstring Backpack
  36. Gucci
    Gucci Vintage Light Blue Suede Bamboo Small Backpack Shoulder Bag
  37. Gucci
    Gucci Vintage Blue Monogram Canvas Flap Cosmetic Bag Clutch
  38. Celine
    Celine Brown Leather Boogie Satchel Tote Bag Handbag Top Handles
  39. 1
    Chloe Medium Paraty Bag in Beige Calf Leather
  40. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent Zip Shoulder Bag in White Calf Leather
  41. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent Duffle 6 in Dark Green Calf Leather
  42. Celine
    Sac À Main Céline TU
  43. Chanel
    Chanel Backpack in Silver Calf leather
  44. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch in Black Calf leather
  45. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly 25 in Havanne Calf leather
  46. Hermès
    Hermes Birkin 35 in Brown/Beige/Orange Ostrich skin
  47. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly 25 in Rouge Calf leather
  48. Hermès
    Hermes Birkin 35 in Autruche Gold Calf leather
  49. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly 32 in Black Calf leather
  50. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly 28 in Rose Extreme Calf leather
  51. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent Tan Leather Suede Muse 2 Two Satchel Bag Handbag
  52. 1
    Gucci Vintage Black Suede and Leather Medium Bamboo Backpack Bag
  53. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Green Leather Studded Bucket Shoulder Bag
  54. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent Zip Clutch in Black Coated Canvas
  55. Celine
    Celine Vintage Zip Clutch in Brown Coated Canvas
  56. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint-Laurent Toy Duffle in Red Calf Leather
  57. Gucci
    Gucci Front Pocket Camera Bag in Beige/Brown Coated Canvas
  58. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint-Laurent Baby Duffle in Red Calf Leather
  59. Chloé
    Chloe Kerala in Tan Calf Leather
  60. Celine
    Celine Vintage Cosmetic Pouch in Brown Coated Canvas

More About Bags

We have an undying passion for fashion. It's no wonder we are trusted by our customers. We individually inspect all of our vintage bags to ensure they are of the highest quality. You know when you hang that bag over your shoulder or delicately embrace a clutch bag in your hands, you are getting a true symbol of status and class. Authenticity certificates are provided with each bag we sell. The thought of purchasing secondhand bags may make some people feel uneasy. Not to worry, you are safe with us. Our reputation precedes us, therefore, it is beneath our standards to sell bags that don’t meet our level of quality.

As you look through our website, you will see a wide variety of luxury and vintage bags. Are you a hobo girl or a satchel lady? Do you prefer leather or do you like the canvas look? Our easy to use site makes it effortless for you to select the style that best suits you. Once you make your selection and finalize your purchase, you can put your mind at ease. You get that peace and satisfaction in knowing you've obtained a prize. Before you fully commit to your purchase, you are able to get it home and see it for 14 days. If you are not satisfied, you can return it. We work hard to ensure that the used designer bags we offer meet your quality standards.

At The Vintage Bar, we only accept bags made of the highest quality material. Materials such as soft Nappa leather and the finest monogram coated canvas are selected. We ensure that each bag has the fewest imperfections possible. We make sure there is not an excessive amount of wear and only sell products that have well displayed plateware that showcases the designer names.

You can get addicted to the luxury bags we offer at The Vintage Bar and while we are not trying to send you to rehab, we definitely want to give you some bag therapy. If the soft supple crossbody doesn’t fit your needs, try one of the suede shoulder hobo bags. We certainly have a wide variety of bags that will keep you interested and coming back for more.