The right bracelet can set the tone for your entire look. Express yourself with an amazing piece from our inventory of stylish vintage bracelets from your favorite designers. Eye-catching cuff bracelets, shimmering bangles and other fashion bracelet styles are waiting to transform your ensemble. 


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  1. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  2. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  3. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  4. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  5. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  6. Hermès
    Jumbo Hook Leather Bracelet
  7. Dior
    Cross Pendant Necklace
  8. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  9. Hermès
    Rocabar Jumping H Equipe Bracelet
  10. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  11. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  12. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  13. Dior
    Logo Charm Bracelet
  14. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  15. Dior
    Dior Bracelet
  16. Chanel
    Chanel Bracelet
  17. Chanel
    Chanel Bangle Straw S in Rose Stainless steel
  18. Chanel
    Chanel Bracelet
  19. Chanel
    Chanel Camellia
  20. Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Inclusion Bangle
  21. Chanel
    Chanel Camellia
  22. Chanel
    Chanel Camellia
  23. Roberto Cavalli
    Roberto cavalli
  24. Dodo Bar Or
    Dodo Rose Gold Sterling Silver Beads Granelli Toggle Bracelet
  25. Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Chain Link Bracelet
  26. 1
    Tiffany & Co.
    Tiffany & Co. Pendant Ring bracelet Silver 925
  27. 1
    Givenchy click bracelet
  28. Givenchy
    Givenchy double link bracelet
  29. 1
    Authentic Givenchy bracelet
  30. Givenchy
    Givenchy pearl bracelet
  31. 2
    Givenchy teardrop bracelet
  32. 1
    Tiffany & Co.
    Tifanny & Co silver charm bracelet
  33. 1
    Louis Vuitton
    Bracelet Louis Vuitton
  34. Versace
    Versace Gold Metal V-Floral Garden Hand Cuff Bracelet Black
  35. Versace
    Versace Gold Metal V-Floral Garden Hand Cuff Bracelet Red
  36. Cartier
    Cartier Love Bracelet with 4 Diamonds.
  37. Dior
    Dior chain bracelet
  38. 2
    Dioramour Bracelet
  39. Bvlgari
  40. Bvlgari
    Cellpenti Bracelet
  41. Hermès
    Hermes Hapi 3 wrap bracelet
  42. Hermès
    Vintage Kelly Dog bracelet Hermès
  43. 1
    Vintage iconic H Hermes bracelet
  44. Louis Vuitton
    Louis Vuitton gold plated heart charm bracelet
  45. Gucci
    Gucci Bracelet Ag925 433499
  46. Gucci
    Sterling Silver Ball Chain Bracelet
  47. Gucci
    Sterling Silver Ghost Chain Bracelet
  48. 3
    Chanel Coco Mark
  49. Chanel
    CC Denim Fringe Bracelet
  50. Hermès
    Hermes Pink Cotton Cord Adjustable Bracelet with 2 Studs
  51. Gucci
    Gucci Black Leather Studded Bracelet Size L Never Worn
  52. 1
    Apple Watch Leather Band
  53. Hermès
    Enamel Bangle
  54. 1
    Enamel Bangle
  55. 1
    H Link Epsom Bracelet
  56. 1
    Enamel Bangle
  57. Hermès
    Enamel Bangle
  58. Hermès
    Mini Dog Square Crew Bracelet
  59. Hermès
    Enamel Bangle
  60. Hermès
    Enamel Bangle

More about Bracelets

Iconic designers earn legendary status through constant innovation. Creating bold looks with exciting new designs helps ensure that their bracelets are chosen by the most discerning jewelry fans. The Vintage Bar honors their legacies by offering designer bracelets from Dior, Hermès, Chanel and more. 

If you enjoy putting your love for your favorite brands on display, browse our selection of logo and nameplate designer bracelets. From those instantly recognizable, entwined double Cs to bold, contemporary brand spell-outs, our bracelets from leading names represent a wide range of logo styles. 

Our stock of bracelet styles offers something for everyone. Classic pearls, fashion-forward cuffs, whimsical charm bracelets and other pieces provide you with the ideal bracelet for any look. Whatever your mood or outfit, we have just the right bracelet to elevate your look. Count on us for bracelets that represent virtually every style, from timeless to laid-back to modern and bold. 

Vintage bracelets help us maintain a diverse range of looks. Whether you love the timeless appeal of vintage Chanel or want something more contemporary, you'll find something to satisfy your craving for the perfect bracelet. Chunky chain bangles, dainty pearl styles, statement cuff bracelets and conversation-starting charm bracelets are just some of the looks you'll find at our online store.

Our selection of bracelets is always changing. Our team is constantly on the lookout for unique fashion bracelets to meet the high standards of our stylish customer base. From elegant bangles to trendy cuff bracelets, we have the vintage bracelets you're looking for from your all-time favorite brands.