From its Florentine beginnings to its leading role in the global fashion industry today, Gucci is synonymous with over the top glamour and traditional Italian leather crafting. Gucci knew early success as a purveyor of fine goods and combined modern industrial technologies with time-honored techniques to create high fashion leather products such as bags and the signature embellished Gucci designer loafer. Today's collections range from belts to automobiles, making Gucci one of the most recognized and admired status symbols worldwide. 

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  1. Gucci
    Bamboo Suede Drawstring Backpack
  2. Gucci
    Mini Guccy Sega Crossbody Bag
  3. Gucci
    Bamboo Suede Satchel
  4. Gucci
    Bamboo Nylon Handbag
  5. Gucci
    GG Canvas Abbey Shoulder Bag
  6. Gucci
    Leopard Print Nylon Clutch
  7. Gucci
    GG Canvas Bella Satchel
  8. Gucci
    GG Canvas Abbey D-Ring Shoulder Bag
  9. Gucci
    Microguccissima Long Wallet
  10. Gucci
    Soho Cellarius Leather Satchel
  11. Gucci
    GG Canvas Baguette
  12. Gucci
    Leopard Print Nylon Clutch
  13. Gucci
    Jackie Leather Shoulder Bag
  14. Gucci
    Snow Glam Leather Handbag
  15. Gucci
    Interlocking G Leather Crossbody Bag
  16. Gucci
    Guccissima Canvas Shoulder Bag
  17. Gucci
    GG Canvas Twins Tote Bag
  18. Gucci
    Soho Chain Leather Shoulder Bag
  19. Gucci
    GG Canvas Dome Nail Handbag
  20. Gucci
    GG Canvas Dome Nail Handbag
  21. Gucci
    Soho Cellarius Leather Satchel
  22. 1
    Bamboo GG Canvas Shoulder Bag
  23. Gucci
    GG Canvas Nailhead Handbag
  24. Gucci
    Medium Sylvie Leather Satchel
  25. Gucci
    Ace Leather Sneaker
  26. Gucci
    GG Canvas Handbag
  27. Gucci
    Bamboo Leather Crossbody Bag
  28. 1
    Swing Leather Tote Bag
  29. Gucci
    Blondie Leather Handbag
  30. 1
    GG Canvas Eclipse Shoulder Bag
  31. Gucci
    Bamboo Canvas Handbag
  32. Gucci
    Guccissima Sukey Tote Bag
  33. Gucci
    Swing Leather Tote Bag
  34. Gucci
    GG Canvas Boat Baguette
  35. Gucci
    GG Canvas Tote Bag
  36. Gucci
    GG Canvas Shoulder Bag
  37. Gucci
    GG Canvas Abbey D-Ring Shoulder Bag
  38. Gucci
    Reins Canvas Shoulder Bag
  39. Gucci
    Crest Coated Canvas Crossbody Bag
  40. Gucci
    Nylon Crossbody Bag
  41. Gucci
    Logo Silver Choker
  42. Gucci
    Guccissima Briefcase
  43. Gucci
    Swing Leather Satchel
  44. Gucci
    Guccissima Abbey D-Ring Crossbody Bag
  45. Gucci
    Soho Chain Nubuck Leather Shoulder Bag
  46. Gucci
    Saddle Suede Crossbody Bag
  47. Gucci
    Cat Head Faux Pearl Earrings
  48. Gucci
    GG Marmont Ribbon Leather Handbag
  49. Gucci
    GG Canvas Abbey D-Ring Shoulder Bag
  50. Gucci
    Interlocking G Leather Belt
  51. Gucci
    Reins Canvas Shoulder Bag
  52. Gucci
    Mini Guccy Sega Crossbody Bag
  53. Gucci
    GG Canvas Princy Long Wallet
  54. Gucci
    GG Marmont Matelasse Leather Crossbody Bag
  55. Gucci
    GG Canvas Bamboo Bullet Shoulder Bag
  56. 1
    GG Canvas Horsebit Shoulder Bag
  57. Gucci
    Logo Leather Shoulder Bag
  58. Gucci
    Horsebit Leather Baguette
  59. Gucci
    GG Marmont Ribbon Leather Satchel
  60. 1
    Bamboo Suede Drawstring Backpack

More about Gucci

The house of Gucci is known for their history involving family drama, murder and last but not least – fashion.

Founder Guccio Gucci passed the company on to his four sons after his passing in 1953. Today Alessandro Michele is the creative director of Gucci, carrying on the legacy of other creative directors such as Dawn Mello, Tom Ford, John Ray, Alessandra Facchinetti and Frida Giannini. Alessandro Michele has been with Gucci since 2002 as an accessories designer under Frida Giannini. As creative director, Michele has introduced a more sophisticated and androgynous Gucci. Alessandro Michele has also revived some of Gucci’s older styles and looks – the double-G logo and the Jackie bag. They call this the Renaissance of Gucci.

The opulent pieces used extravagant and unusual materials such as exotic animal skins or bamboo handles for purses, creating a draw for its original and innovative designer products that has endured throughout the twentieth century and well into the twenty-first. The designer has a history of fostering relationships with celebrities and highly visible figures, starting with movie stars in the 1950s and continuing the trend with a strong presence on social media and a loyal following among influencers today. Thanks to its efforts to stay relevant, the designer is popular with a younger demographic that has proved notoriously difficult for other established fashion houses to reach. Finding that perfect Gucci piece feels like an indulgence as lavish styling meets bold luxury, making Gucci the designer of choice for fashionistas with an eccentric streak. There is nothing subtle about a Gucci item, yet the brand's heritage and the inherent quality of its construction lends even the flashiest bag an air of class and style that complements any ensemble.