No other brand so effectively showcases classic British design as Burberry. Known in particular for its designer trench coats, Burberry has been outfitting clients for over 160 years with a no nonsense approach to fashion that has proved both enduring and endearing. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and now headquartered in London, its designer products are sought out by fashionistas across the globe and are valued for their masterful construction and distinctive signature check.

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  1. Burberry
    Burberry Shoulder bag
  2. Burberry
    Leather Handbag
  3. Burberry
    Leather Handbag
  4. Burberry
    Plaid Wool Tote Bag
  5. Burberry
    Plaid Canvas Boston Bag
  6. Burberry
    House Check Canvas Handbag
  7. Burberry
    Leather Handbag
  8. Burberry
    Haymarket Check Crossbody Bag
  9. Burberry
    Leather Shoulder Bag
  10. Burberry
    Leather Shoulder Bag
  11. Burberry
    Leather Shoulder Bag
  12. Burberry
    House Check Tote Bag
  13. Burberry
    Haymarket Check Canvas Handbag
  14. Burberry
    Plaid Canvas Shoulder Bag
  15. Burberry
    Leather Clutch Bag
  16. Burberry
    Haymarket Check Leather Shoulder Bag
  17. Burberry
    Burberry Zip Shopping Tote in Beige/Brown Canvas
  18. Burberry
    Burberry Small Zip Tote in Beige/Red Canvas
  19. Burberry
    Burberry Burberrys Flap Crossbody in Beige/Dark Brown Canvas
  20. Burberry
    Burberry Zip Hobo in Beige/Maroon Canvas
  21. Burberry
    Burberry Side Pocket Zip Hobo in Beige/Black Canvas
  22. Burberry
    Burberry Top Zip Tote in Maroon/Beige/Black Canvas
  23. Burberry
    Burberry Boston Bag in Beige/Dark Brown Canvas
  24. Burberry
    Haymarket Check Canvas Crossbody Bag
  25. Burberry
    Burberry Shoulder Tote in Beige/Black Canvas
  26. Burberry
    Burberry Shoulder Tote in Beige/Black Canvas
  27. Burberry
    Burberry Small Burberrys Flap Tote in Beige/Black Calf Leather
  28. Burberry
    Burberry Square Slip Pocket Tote in Beige/Dark Brown Canvas
  29. Burberry
    Burberry Mini Buckle Tote in Pink/Brown Coated Canvas
  30. Burberry
    Burberry Slip Pocket Rectangular Tote in Beige/Dark Brown Canvas
  31. Burberry
    Burberry Medium Slip Pocket Tote in Beige/Dark Brown Canvas
  32. Burberry
    Burberry Slip Pocket Small Crossbody in Khaki/Beige/Dark Brown Canvas
  33. Burberry
    Burberry Small Slip Pocket Messenger in Beige/Red Canvas
  34. Burberry
    Burberry Slip Pocket Tote in Beige/Maroon Canvas
  35. Burberry
    Burberry Zip Around Document Case in Brown Calf Leather
  36. Burberry
    Burberry "Blue Label" Mini Double Snap Close Shoulder Bag in Black/White Canvas
  37. Burberry
    Burberry Tote Bag in Brown/Beige Canvas
  38. Burberry
    Burberry Chain Crossbody in Red Calf Leather
  39. Burberry
    Burberry Vintage Dome Handbag in Ivory/Burgundy Canvas
  40. Burberry
    Burberry Vintage Burberrys Flap Clutch in Beige/Brown Canvas
  41. Burberry
    Burberry Vintage Burberrys Pouch in Beige/Brown Coated Canvas
  42. Burberry
    Burberry Vintage Burberrys Small Zip Tote in Beige/Red Canvas
  43. Burberry
    Burberry Crossbody Flap in Beige Canvas
  44. Burberry
    Small Lola Bag in Camel Leather
  45. Burberry
    Small Lola Satchel Bag in Black Leather
  46. Burberry
    Small Lola Camera Bag in Brown Leather
  47. Burberry
    Mini Lola Camera Bag in Pink Leather
  48. Burberry
    Medium Note Bag in Brown Canvas
  49. Burberry
    House Check Canvas Shoulder Bag
  50. Burberry
    Leather Handbag
  51. Burberry
    Black Leather Wallet
  52. 1
    Burberry Handbag
  53. Burberry
    Haymarket Check Shoulder Bag
  54. Burberry
    Burberry Wallet
  55. 1
    Haymarket Check Canvas Tote Bag
  56. 1
    Haymarket Check Canvas Clutch Bag
  57. Burberry
    Burberry Belt bag
  58. 1
    Haymarket Check Canvas Boston Bag
  59. Burberry
    Burberry Shoulder bag
  60. Burberry
    Burberry Clutch bag

More about Burberry

Designer Burberry outerwear benefits from the gabardine fabric made popular by its founder, a waterproof and sturdy material that protects from the elements while providing chic structure. Few designers can boast such practicality and lasting quality as Burberry, which has been called upon throughout its history to clothe everyone from explorers to mountain climbers, military servicemen to aviators. Despite its expertise in ensembles for rugged pursuits, Burberry has succeeded in claiming its place in the upper echelons of haute couture as a wardrobe staple of the high fashion crowd. The duality of its tradition as an active outfitter as well as a definer of modern British designer style holds romantic appeal for those fascinated by the heritage of Burberry and its place in British history. The variety of creations released throughout the years indicate rich possibilities for those enamoured by vintage fashion, with each designer piece representing the inspiration of an era. For the nostalgic among us, the lines of fragrances, garments, and accessories allow the wearer to play a part in the house's ongoing British epic.