Tote bags are made of high quality textiles that are crafted to be durable yet stylish. When it comes to toting around your belongings we at The Vintage Bar understand that there can be specific needs for totes and with that need comes versatility in design. Our variety of textiles allows for you to select the bag that best matches your need. We have bags for you to hit the city with, as well as an afternoon resting wave side at the beach. You can also use a stylish tote that will double as a bag for around the office and acquire a clear one for days out at venues. Each is designed with purpose, functionality and durability in mind.


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  1. Bottega Veneta
    Product AA
  2. 3
    Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Noe
  3. Celine
    Celine Zip Around Rectangle Bag in Brown Calf Leather
  4. Celine
    Celine Brown Leather Boogie Satchel Tote Bag Handbag Top Handles
  5. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly 25 in Havanne Calf leather
  6. Hermès
    Hermes Birkin 35 in Brown/Beige/Orange Ostrich skin
  7. Hermès
    Hermes Birkin 35 in Autruche Gold Calf leather
  8. Hermès
    Hermes Cabavertige Leather Tote Bag in black calfskin leather
  9. Hermès
    Hermes Rare Ltd. Edition Birkin Fray 35 in Framboise Calf leather/Canvas
  10. Hermès
    Hermes Birkin 25 in Anemone Calf leather
  11. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly 25 in Beton Calf leather
  12. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly 25 in Vertigo Green/ Craie Calf leather
  13. Prada
    PRADA Daino Saffiano Large Tote
  14. Gucci
    Kids Monsters Tote Bag
  15. Prada
    Vitello Rubino Tote Bag
  16. Gucci
    Black Patent Leather Large Vintage Tote
  17. Celine
    Celine Beige Leather Boogie Satchel Tote Bag Handbag Top Handles
  18. 4
    Grey Luggage Tote
  19. Chanel
    Chanel CC Timeless Square Chain Tote in Brown Calf Leather
  20. 1
    Chanel Front Logo Large Tote in Dark Blue Calf Leather
  21. Hermès
    Hermes SPO Birkin Tricolor 30 in Aztec Blue/ Purple Anemone/ Etoupe Calf leather
  22. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly Sellier 25 in Sellier Anemone Calf leather
  23. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly Retourne 35 in Black Calf leather
  24. Hermès
    Hermes Kelly Retourne 28 in Blue Zanzibar Calf leather
  25. 4
    Dior Saddle in Black Calf leather
  26. Dior
    Dior Rare Lady Dior TyeDie GM in Grey Calf leather
  27. Dior
    Dior Soft Lady Dior Tote Bag in Black/Pink Calf Leather
  28. MCM
    MCM Vintage Large Shopping Tote in Cognac Coated Canvas
  29. 3
    Dior Lady Dior Medium in Beige Calf Leather
  30. 3
    MCM Vintage Drawstring Tote in Cognac Coated Canvas
  31. MCM
    MCM Reversible Tote in Black/Brown Coated Canvas
  32. Chanel
    Chanel Tote Bag Lambskin Leather
  33. 2
    Gucci Craft Tote in Beige/Tan Canvas
  34. 1
    Gucci Front Pocket Large Bamboo Tote in Beige Calf Leather
  35. 1
    Gucci Medium Abbey Tote in Navy Canvas
  36. 1
    Gucci Buckle Tote in Dark Brown/Beige Canvas
  37. Bottega Veneta
    Bottega Veneta Large Tote in Orange Calf Leather
  38. Gucci
    Gucci Horizontal Belt Tote in White Canvas
  39. 2
    Gucci Square Tote in Beige/Black/Red Canvas
  40. 2
    Burberry Burberrys Vinage Tote in Brown/Black/White/Red Canvas
  41. 4
    Prada Top Handle Tote in Black Canvas
  42. Gucci
    Gucci Craft Tote PM in Beige/Orange Canvas
  43. 3
    Prada Front Logo Shoulder Tote in Ivory/Khaki Canvas
  44. 1
    Burberry Vintage Burberrys Boston in Beige/Brown Canvas
  45. 1
    Prada Small Belt Frame Tote in Ebony Calf Leather
  46. 1
    Prada Medium Denim Canapa Tote in Avio Canvas
  47. Tiffany & Co.
    Tiffany & Co. Tote bag
  48. 2
    Louis Vuitton
    Sac Shopping
  49. 1
    Louis Vuitton
    Sac Shopping
  50. 1
    Prada Large Canapa in Black/Green Canvas
  51. Prada
    Prada Small Bow Shoulder Tote in Black Canvas
  52. 5
    Prada Small Canapa Tote in Ivory Canvas
  53. 5
    Prada Tote Bag in Papaya Calf Leather
  54. Prada
    Prada Logo Top Zip Tote in Nero Canvas
  55. 1
    Prada Tote in Black Calf leather
  56. 3
    Fendi Logo Shopping Tote in Black Calf Leather
  57. 1
    Fendi Front Logo Tall Tote in Khaki Green/Black/Brown Coated Canvas
  58. 2
    Fendi Tall Zip Tote in Brown/Tan Canvas
  59. 4
    Fendi Mini Front Zip Shoulder Tote in Brown/Yellow Canvas
  60. Gucci
    Gucci Front Pocket Tall Tote in Black Canvas

More about Totes

Large canvas tote bags are ideal when it comes to spending a day out in the city. The flexible design combined with large straps allows you to bring them virtually anywhere your travels may take you. The canvas material is forgiving and will expand as you acquire things throughout your day. Ideal places to utilize canvas tote bags include farmers market, shopping trips and for errands. Canvas is an easily cleanable fabric and because it is so durable these typically become the go-to tote for everyday use. 

A leather tote bag adds style and flare to your daily outings. These totes are great for in the office or while commuting to and from work. The durable leather is artfully stitched and the straps are comfortable when placed on your shoulders. The leather totes can be easily wiped clean. 

Go for a clear tote bag if you’re going for a relaxed day at the beach or a stroll through the city. Our designer crafted clear totes are not stiff or bulky. The plastic textile allows for easy viewing so that you can go for a double bag look.