Dior Bags

Vintage Dior bags showcase the designer's talent for construction and meticulous detail while simultaneously recalling a specific era in fashion history. A Christian Dior bag can add subtle refinement to an outfit or create a flashy focal point worthy of a prima donna. Whether prim and proper, exotic or edgy, Dior's purses provide an eye-catching form of self-expression that instantly boosts the wearer's confidence. Every Dior handbag is imbued with the heritage and history associated with the celebrated brand, representing a shared experience that extends beyond its years.


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  1. Dior
    Dior Drawstring Bucket in Black Calf Leather
  2. Dior
    Dior Crossbody Zip in Black Canvas
  3. Dior
    Dior Metropole Tote in Grey Canvas
  4. Dior
    Dior --
  5. 1
    Dior Lady Dior
  6. Dior
    Dior Diorever
  7. 2
    Dior Saddle
  8. Dior
    Dior Handbag
  9. Dior
    Dior Medium Granville Tote in Beige Calf Leather
  10. Dior
    Dior Oblique Canvas Saddle Crossbody Bag
  11. Dior
    Sequin-Embellished Mini Lady Dior
  12. Dior
    Diorissimo Leather Satchel
  13. 2
    Dior Handbag
  14. Dior
    Dior Oblique bleu
  15. Dior
    Dior Handbag
  16. Dior
    Dior Shoulder bag
  17. 1
    Dior Oblique Canvas Handbag
  18. 1
    Dior Lady Dior Black Mini
  19. 3
    Christian Dior Vintage Blue Logo Monogram Tapestry Canvas Satchel Bag
  20. Dior
    Dior Handbag
  21. Dior
    Dior Shoulder bag
  22. 2
    Dior Shoulder bag
  23. Dior
    Dior Clutch bag
  24. Dior
    Dior Shoulder bag
  25. 4
    Dior Shoulder bag
  26. 2
    Dior Shoulder bag
  27. 2
    Dior Shoulder bag
  28. Dior
    Dior Shoulder bag
  29. Dior
    Dior Shoulder bag
  30. 4
    Dior Saddle
  31. 2
    Dior Saddle
  32. Dior
    Dior Trotteur
  33. Dior
    Dior Shoulder bag
  34. 1
    Dior Handbag
  35. Dior
    Dior Clutch bag
  36. Dior
    Dior Plisse Stone Cabas in Brown Calf leather
  37. Dior
    Dior Feaux Pearl in Red Cannage Calf leather
  38. 1
    Dior Turn Lock Bowler Bag in Black Canvas
  39. Dior
    Dior Trotter Half Moon Hobo in Beige Canvas
  40. Dior
    Malice Pearl Leather Satchel
  41. Dior
    Dior Diorama
  42. Dior
    Dior Oblique Canvas Chain Clutch
  43. 1
    Leather Handbag
  44. Dior
    Honeycomb Boston Bag
  45. 1
    Dior Oblique Canvas Handbag
  46. Dior
    Chain Leather Shoulder Bag
  47. Dior
    Dior Oblique Crossbody Bag
  48. 1
    Dior Bowling Bag Red
  49. 1
    Cannage Nylon Shoulder Bag
  50. Dior
    Dior Second Bag Clutch Bag 43-Ma-1200
  51. Dior
    Dior Shoulder bag
  52. 5
    Christian Dior Blue Shoulder bag
  53. 1
    Christian Dior Black Tote bag
  54. 1
    Christian Dior Brown Hand bag
  55. 13
    Christian Dior Brown Shoulder bag
  56. 5
    Black Lady Dior
  57. 1
    Dior Tote bag
  58. 1
    Dior Shoulder bag
  59. 7
    Dior Shoulder bag
  60. Dior
    Dior Dior Soft

More about Dior Bags

A few specific silhouettes and textures mark a Dior bag as a reliable choice for enhancing an ensemble. Featured in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, Dior purses, handbags, and bags are suitable for every occasion. The classic Lady Dior bag has architectural appeal with sophisticated Cannage quilting and is easily adapted to any event with availability in multiple sizes. For a playful touch, Dior's sought after saddle bag features a myriad of materials molded into a distinctly equestrian shape, often whimsically topped by a metal "D" stirrup. One of the most versatile examples of a Dior handbag, the simple yet striking Dior clutch is exemplified by its rectangular silhouette and use of different materials to distinguish itself as appropriate for day or night wear, with embossed metal accents providing an elegant finishing touch. 

From the most compact crossbody to a weekender bag, tote, or chic "Boston" model, any Dior bag exudes class and style when crafted from one of the brand's signature canvasses. The gentle douceur of the vintage honeycomb pattern lends itself nicely to neutral pieces with natural leather detailing, while the Dior Oblique jacquard has a more abstract feel to it and can be used with bold colors to create a striking yet sophisticated visual effect. Other materials and techniques favored by Dior and frequently featured in the designer's products include luxurious velvets, soft calfskin leather, and beaded embroidery. 

When choosing the perfect Dior bag to add to a collection, shoppers would do well to look for unique features that contribute to their own personal style. A Dior handbag is known for its ability to combine timeless looks with novel details and individualized styling and some of the most loved pieces among Dior's collections feature this type of juxtaposition. Whether achieved through bright colors, embroidered corners, or unexpected hardware and charms, vintage Dior bags feature many personalized touches that make them treasures for fashionistas who value their individuality while seeking the quality of designer goods.