Celine Bags

A Celine bag embodies Paris, with subtle nods to the city's architecture and history sewn into every seam and rivet. Born out of the ashes of post-war France, the brand has transitioned from children's shoes to leather goods to a fashion giant as we know it today. Every Celine handbag benefits from the influence of an era and represents the artistic vision of the house's diverse set of creative directors, making each Celine purse part of the designer's ongoing narrative.


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  1. Celine
    Sac À Main Céline TU
  2. Celine
    Celine Vintage Zip Clutch in Brown Coated Canvas
  3. Celine
    Celine Vintage Cosmetic Pouch in Brown Coated Canvas
  4. 1
    Celine Luggage Micro bag in tricolor leather
  5. Celine
    Celine Luggage Micro handbag in burgundy tricolor leather
  6. Celine
    Celine Tote in Green Calf leather
  7. Celine
    Celine Beige Leather Boogie Satchel Tote Bag Handbag Top Handles
  8. 4
    Grey Luggage Tote
  9. 4
    Brown Leather Shoulder Bag
  10. 2
    Chanel Timeless in White Calf leather
  11. Celine
    Bucket Bag
  12. Celine
    Red Leather Luggage
  13. 1
    Celine Trapeze in Yellow
  14. Celine
    Celine Trapeze in Red
  15. Celine
    Celine Luggage in Red
  16. Celine
    Celine Leather Luggage Red
  17. Celine
    Celine Trapeze Leather Shoulder Bag in multicolor Calfskin
  18. Celine
    Celine Quad Linen Tote Bag in beige linen
  19. Celine
    2 Way Shoulder Bag in Red
  20. Celine
    2Way Shoulder Bag in Red
  21. 1
    Trapeze 2Way Shoulder Bag in Brown
  22. Celine
    Celine Luggage Leather Tote Bag in brown Calfskin
  23. Celine
    Celine Trapeze Leather Shoulder Bag in multicolor Calfskin
  24. 2
    CELINE Macadam Weekend Bag
  25. 1
    CÈLINE Medium Trapeze Bag
  26. 3
    Front Buckle Hobo in Tan Calf Leather
  27. Celine
    Vintage Large Boston in Brown Coated Canvas
  28. Celine
    CÉLINE All Soft Tote
  29. Celine
    Celine Leather Belt Bag Beige
  30. Celine
    Celine Leather Trapeze Multicolor
  31. 2
    Shoulder Zip Tote in Black Calf Leather
  32. 1
    Céline Clutch bag
  33. 2
    Bittersweet Leather Shoulder Bag
  34. On sale
    Printed Canvas Tote Bag
  35. 1
    Macadam Boston Bag
  36. Celine
    Macadam Clutch Bag
  37. 1
    Leather Crossbody Bag
  38. 2
    Trapeze Leather Handbag
  39. 2
    Macadam Shoulder Bag
  40. 1
    Canvas Tote Bag
  41. 1
    Basket Straw Tote Bag
  42. 1
    Luggage Leather Tote Bag
  43. Celine
    Mini Luggage Leather Satchel
  44. Celine
    Horizontal Cabas Leather Tote Bag
  45. Celine
    Leather Tote Bag
  46. Celine
    Luggage Leather Tote Bag
  47. 1
    Luggage Leather Tote Bag
  48. 5
    Luggage Leather Tote Bag
  49. Celine
    Macadam Clutch Bag
  50. 1
    Boogie Leather Handbag
  51. 2
    Patent Leather Handbag
  52. Celine
    C Macadam Boogie Suede Handbag
  53. 1
    Macadam Travel Bag
  54. 1
    Celine All Soft Leather Tote Bag in multicolor calfskin leather
  55. Celine
    Celine Tri-Color Leather Trapeze in multicolor calfskin leather
  56. Celine
    Large Bittersweet Hobo in Dark Brown Canvas
  57. 1
    Chain Flap in Beige Calf Leather
  58. 1
    Vintage Dome Tote in Brown Coated Canvas
  59. Celine
    Vintage Boston Bag in Brown Canvas
  60. 6
    Boston Bag in Red Calf Leather

More about Celine Bags

The artistic choices incorporated into each Celine purse over the years can be traced to various aspects and periods in the history of Paris, giving each piece a charm that transcends the material aspect of the bag and connects the wearer to the city's magic. The signature Macadam canvas pattern drew its inspiration from an old name for pavés, referring to the city's cobblestones and modeling a similar motif. This is the fabric of choice for a vintage Celine handbag, with a coated water resistant finish that protects the piece with an alluring shine. The double "C" logo created by Celine in the 1970s draws inspiration from the chains surrounding the Arc de Triomphe, and can be found featured on the Sulky canvas. The logo is also the focal point of the Triomphe bag in the form of a gorgeous metallic closure that sets the compact Celine handbag apart from similar models.

A vintage Celine bag comes in many shapes and sizes. The classic Macadam is a hit in any form, but looks especially chic when constructed in a bowling bag model and embellished with contrasting leather straps. Both the Poulbot and the Boogie bag made their mark under Michael Kors, remaining classic examples of the quintessential Celine bag since their creation. The Poulbot Celine purse is crafted from soft suede and has relaxed styling with rivets dotting the seams in an homage to the street urchins of Paris. The Boogie bag shows the versatility of a Celine handbag, using different types of leather and cloth in a rainbow of colors to create a seemingly infinite number of combinations. 

There is so much to love about a Celine purse, from the influential minds behind its conception to the material and construction that ensures the flawless execution of every detail. The same house has shown expertise in every style from laid back bohemianism to clean minimalism to polished elegance. This capacity to transform and reinvent itself makes Celine the evergreen fashion great, giving each Celine bag relevance and poise no matter when it is worn.